My name is Kara Taylor and I am excited to be starting a new journey as Vice-Principal at Montmartre School in Montmartre, Saskatchewan in the 2018-2019 school year. I have a variety of roles in my new position including Vice-Principal, Career Counsellor, and Instructional Team Coach.I previously taught at Kipling School in Kipling, Saskatchewan for 7 years.

I grew up primarily in rural Saskatchewan and am happy to be able to work in a small town although, working in a K to Grade 12 school, that often means that my course load has changed drastically year to year. I have primarily taught senior math and history courses but I have taught a variety of other courses including science, accounting, and physical education (to name a few) ranging from grades 5-12.

I live with my wonderful husband, our fur-babies Isabella (Bella for short) and Daisy. Some of my hobbies include volleyball, reading, hunting, fishing, outdoor adventures, playing cards and board games, and travelling. Travelling is especially important to me as my niece and nephew live in Mildenhall, UK and we do not get to see them very often during the school year so we try to visit during the summer!