Piecing it all Together



This week, our prompt is to blog about putting the final stages of the prototype together. When it came to finalizing the Course Profile, I found that it was actually easier than I was expecting as I could find most of the information within my various blog posts throughout the semester and could take what I had already written and summarize it into a more formal format. So that was nice, I was getting a little worried about coming up with all of the information.

The course itself I found pretty easy to come up with and structure which scares me a little. I’m really hoping that it is just because I have thought about how to move this course to be more online to support my students who are out of town for a few years now and am comfortable with the course content and have spent time thinking over how to move it online. This course has made me much more comfortable with creating digital content, especially videos, (thank you screencasting tools!) and the ideas of how to integrate digital portions came without a ton of thought because I based my ideas on the areas I had experienced difficulties in the past and thought “how can I make this easier for my students?”.

Canvas was a no-brainer for me to use when setting up my course because it fit the structure of what I would like as a student and I found that it was easy to organize from a teacher or instructor point of view. In the future I would like to play more with platforms such as FreshGrade or Seesaw as I feel that they would have maybe integrated the video sharing that i am using Flipgrid for right through the platform more smoothly, based on listening, reading, and talking to classmates on how they use these applications in their classrooms.

I am excited to finally be able to see how everyone else’s prototypes have turned out and look at how they have adapted the online platform to their courses of choice!

3 thoughts on “Piecing it all Together

  1. Danielle

    Great reflection! I wonder if you Canvas people reached out and shared your feedback with them if they would add a video feedback feature! You never know, some companies are great at taking feedback from users and incorporating it into their web structures!
    Good luck with creating these courses for your classes in the future!


  2. Nancy Armstrong

    It sounds like you were more than ready to tackle this project! I am also a big fan of Canvas. It was so easy to use! I included a Flipgrid in my module… I hope it works okay. How’s exciting to think that your project will really benefit students in rural areas. Job well done!


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