Setting the Stage

This week, I have been up to a few things for my digital learning project. I started with creating a few documents to help organize my students for their upcoming units, have been working on a “Getting Started with Blogging” cheat sheet (I will post this once I have it fully tweaked the way I would like it), and have made my first post on the classroom blog.

blog shot.PNG
Screen shot of my classroom blog

I have decided that I will model how to use a blog with my students for a unit before letting them go free and have them put basic, fairly common posts initially so that they can become comfortable with the platform. I am also waiting on permission forms to come in so I cannot get rolling too fast with having them posting away until I receive a form from each student.

add student
Screenshot of Edublogs form to add student blogs

Today, I sat down and created blogs for each of the students in my class. It was a little of a tedious task as I had to create a username and blog URL for each student. Thankfully Edublogs has a great support page on Choosing Student Usernames, Blog URLs and Blog Titles and, with a little planning and thought on how to maintain the privacy of my students but have unique usernames, I was off! For now, if you are looking at my page, you will see their usernames/URLs on the right side bar of the post but, as we log in this upcoming week and name our blogs, this should change to be [Student name]’s Blog or Learning, that I have not quite decided upon yet. What do you think? Should this be uniform or should I allow the students to choose?

We started a jigsaw activity last week on cultural aspects of various First Nations’ groups based on their geography and students are to create a handout on their region in our next class. Once these are complete, they will be posted on the classroom blog, I can’t wait to see how they do, they were already excited and talking about how their product will look!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the theme I chose, the layout, or anything else!

6 thoughts on “Setting the Stage

  1. This looks wonderful. While I chose not to do blogs with my students this semester I do want to do some next semester and so this is really helpful. Thanks for documenting how it is going. Also I think the theme you picked works well.


  2. This sounds like an awesome project and I love the layout! I’ve been wanting to try blogging in my classroom as well but my classes are always changing year to year so it feels difficult to integrate! I’m looking forward to watching your project unfold! I also think you should allow the student’s some creativity with their blog names; they might come up with something cool! Perhaps have them hand in their ideas to you prior to them changing the name if you are worried about appropriateness or anything like that! Otherwise looks great!


    1. Kara

      I have wanted to try blogging for a long time but have never quite been able to make the jump, thankfully this course is the motivation I think I was looking for!

      Thanks for the suggestions for names, I think that is what I will do!


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